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The increase in illness and heart problems seems to coincide with the build of pressure locally so I have included it and will add the rest

The plan was to use the next couple of weeks up to the date of the angiography to prepare the house and paperwork in case things went badly.

The […]

Boom, heart attack!

From this point on the estate agents and their contractors seemed to become more persistent as they began to seek weaknesses they could exploit to harry us. (as in harrier)

A chest wracking pain has been chewing at my chest since I awoke this morning. I have taken aspirin and fluids. I have also […]

The heart and other vulnerabilities

As the situation with heart disease and vulnerability developed at this time it is suggested by some that the little cadre of cowards at Budgewoi found the courage to increase their harassment

It has been a while since I was in here. My lack of energy and enterprise seems to have a reason however.

After […]