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What a day. Mum’s little Asus eeePC 1005p netbook arrived in the mail. She could never work out how to use it as the Windows starter and the small screen are a bit difficult to understand when you have no idea what to expect on a page.

She had left the password lock on it. […]

Court Day

Yesterday, waking up was a bit sad. I came out of a nightmare with a pathetic little yelp and a big feeling of being in a bad place. Just a little Valium and the whole bad feeling faded while I was dressing. I will say bout Valium that the rest of the week and next […]

Delivering the Drawings IV

Warren and I both decided that having the drawings in his work space was going to be disruptive for him and probably difficult for me. I was looking to wait until I had the opportunity to have a wider general exhibition. Warren was thinking on my behalf however. He spoke to Roger, a guy who […]

On the 28th March 2012 we faced both a court hearing and at least one tribunal hearing. There was not one of our little group at the time who did not think that the “coincidence” of the dates all being the same was not the result of friends of the estae agents pulling strings to […]

Doing stuff

The community worker came and we went up the bank and hunted up the paperwork for the application for legal aid. I do not understand what happened before. There seemed to have been no order in for the records I have been waiting for. Notes. The worker spent all day with me and we physically […]