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Oh man! This morning really sucks. Some time in the morning my heart decided it was time to join the list of things making life tougher and I awoke to really unpleasant levels of chest pain. Parts of my back are hurting and feel like my spine was redirected several millimetres off to one side […]

Knee Dropping

Dealing with Law Enforcement and first responders safely may involve some preparation

This week the news showed footage of an incident at King’s Cross in Sydney. Several teenage boys in a stolen car made a panicked attempt to escape a police cordon. Two of them were shot and the rest of them dragged […]

Legal Aid III

It arrived (or I went to the mailbox and found it) at about 10:30 today. It was a letter from the Legal Aid Commission and addressed to me. It told me I have an appointment at Wyong with a solicitor on the 18th of next month. whoopee! things are certainly moving along at a pace!


Human Rights Commission emails

At the time it became obvious that disabled and ill people were at a severe disadvantage in a court or hearing situation where no allowance had been made for their difficulties. In shock and reeling from anxiety and clinical depression I sent the following email. The reply (which I have yet to find and add […]

Wyong Local Court 2

doodle of a magistrate I guess

So we went to court for the plea and to get another adjournment. This time the visit lasted from 9am until 3pm and left me sitting in a swirling ocean of pain.

On arrival, for those of us who are seeking or have legal aid, the process […]