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Back to Court

We went back to court for the assault charges yesterday. I have a lot to write about but spending half a day in court has left me painfully injured. It may be I will be back functioning this afternoon but more likely tomorrow. For now it is back to bed and several hours of dealing […]

Economic Refugee

Notes: The more I pass through this process the more I realise that the entire financial sub-class I am a part of is slated to be financial or economic refugees by the way the Australian Market system, the housing bubble, the legal system, politics, the intake of refugees and immigration alienates us.

There is a […]

Auto Erotic

I may use it on t-shirts although by the time this entry is read I will have decided to enlarge the text and change it to some car thing

I realise that I have begun to isolate myself. I am grieving for this life. The friends I have only just begun to enjoy here […]

The first Legal Aid appointment

April 16th at Gosford was actually the first visit to Legal Aid but that was to deliver paperwork and not an appointment. 18th May 2012 at 11:30am seems to be the first appointment. All of the paperwork was scanned and saved in here somewhere but it took a while to get the layout of the […]

Email to Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal

Note from August 1st 2013. It is obvious at this much later date just how ill I was at the time. I suffered shockingly from the awareness that moving to another property or even finding another rental property so soon after heart surgery and while I was still ill with chronic fatigue was going to […]