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Tired now. Packing hurts. The part of the sites dedicated to showing a few of the body of works has been extended to a section on Grim City. I put them here

It has been a terrible day in many ways. The worst thing has telling people how badly we have been betrayed. Watching them […]


I have started and stopped three posts in this section so far tonight. I am too tired and ill to really get my teeth into the things I want to cover but I am burning to make a record of what I believe I have seen and the very devastating holes in the net of […]

Tribunal Day!

We arrived outside the Tribunal building in the community worker’s car a few minutes before the case was due to be heard. . I took what paperwork I could carry as well as my little blue netbook. The estate agents from Budgewoi were sitting at a table in the Cafe in the Tribunal building.

The […]


This entry ws included among the Ray White tribunal papers to suggest I was unworthy to be their tenant. I do not see it myself but it is included here as it was typical of about a dozen entries at the time and goes to show the stress for what it was. This is what […]


Greg Brown just hours before the assault

We have just scanned our way through maybe 200 pages of the Ray White encyclopaedia of the misdeeds of Stephen Solomons or their evidence for the Tribunal. A huge amount of it is just filler. Pages they have thrown in to try and add confusion and […]