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In the Journal on the night before the Police arrive at my door I state that I am having chest pains and am very ill from the stress. Craig Favelle, the estate agent property manager who has been harassing me and having contractors vandalise my gardens now decides this is a good time to raise […]

More Harassment

The workers turned up at just after twelve. It was Aus Cut again and I had asked the property managers not to use them while I was still here as their boss thinks this is some kind of crusade to crush the evil tenant and has no respect for anything I say. He has become […]


Craig Favelle

Craig Favelle was following me about the town and then took out an AVPO (Apprehended Personal Violence Order) claiming I was stalking him. He had been trying for months to get me to react and this was a sign of the depths he was prepared to go to

This is the Cyber-cam, […]


In this post I am surprised by the nastiness of the estate agency. I had let my own claims against them drop during the tenancy hearings although I was winning and they agreed we had agreements which were based on our good wishes. As soon as I got home the paper for the APVO was […]

Packing and complaints about the journals

I was only able to get through a few chores today. Slowly the effort from keeping up with Tribunal cases and now packing to move have worn the strength away. It took a few hours to get up and have a shower. The need to mop out the lake of water left behind in the […]