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Vulnerable People

I am almost ready for court. I would not normally stop at this point to work on the journal but I am too tired to shower or do a lot of things I would normally do and I want to record that and this.

The trip to court seemed to take forever even with the […]

Wyong Local Court 17 Sept 2012

Note: We went into the hearing as though it was the final one and witnesses were there for the prosecution. What was not there were the CCTV footages I had asked to have subpoenas drawn up for nor were any witnesses for me. The prosecution were now showing their discontent for the time the case […]


I sent off long emails to lawyers and people who are supposed to be supporting me to tell them to get their stuff together or put me in contact with someone else who can do the job.

I imagine I will be sitting here alone after they get them but so far this whole thing […]

Medical Files

I have been disabled since the accident in 1980. Had heart, kidney, lung and mental damage for a lot of that time not to mention very badly injured upper spine and some sort of brain damage and emotional problems. After being through nightmarish interactions with institutions where people like doctors would literally stare at my […]