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More Lawyers?

The air mattress has been replaced with another fragile Jackaroo single air mattress. It is all that is available in the immediate area. The old one has not further run down so it may be that the material has stretched and merely looks as though it was deflating.

I am in some trouble with moving […]

About the site

One man’s battle to make sense of the legal system and community advocacies that feed off it. At different times this man turns to government institutions designed to provide a safety net for the handicapped and vulnerable and is failed repeatedly. He fights long battles to get lawyers to give him simple information and to […]

Court Notes

The documents I call the Antecedents are called that because that is what is written as a title on the front page. When I brought it up in front of Magistrate Day of Wyong Local Court he made a great fuss about the word. His understanding of the term may be multiple or it […]

Brian Quinn, Gosford

Bryan Quinn was the latest lawyer Legal Aid had given me a grant to use. I chose him based on the quality of his assistant Erika.

I arrived at his office in an old building in the middle of Gosford City on the Central Coast Region of NSW just before 10 am. The Community services […]