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The Briefing

Did you ever wish a hero would come and make the toughest things easy? Did you wish that someone would fend off the bully or help you save your home as the mortgage is forced by a banker?

Batman and The White Knight, all seem to running around saving people. Bruce Wayne had lunch with […]

Visiting the lawyers

Preparing his sloppy hoary old carcase for another day among the legal fraternity

So it is what it is. I look like crap and no amount of good clothing will make me look better. That is one option anyway. The other and probably parallel fact is that I live in a place and […]


overweight crippled retard pretending to be a human deserving of rights under a court

I view the ongoing case with great concern for the simple reason that it continues without taking stock of the things which it should take stock of. It tramples my rights and forces me to face accusations without ever […]


So, on the 22nd of August I made another pointless trip to the District Court at Gosford. Another deal that could have been made over the phone.

I was honoured to have Sarah Brazel representing me. We sat around for several hours while a bunch of terrified people watched their lawyers agree on dates. More […]

Protected: The Transcript Pt 2.

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