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Its a learning process that will probably not enter the phase where you have any idea of what is going on until long after you have left the court for the last time. The library beckoned. Perhaps there was something there that would help me to to move things along on the defence that had […]

I need a lawyer

Isn’t that ironic! Sarah Brazel and Phil Butterfield are a far better team than I have a right to expect and yet I have let them go.

The problem is that any lawyer I get will be forced to toe the company line. You know. We all want to play golf with the judge or […]


tock…..tick, tock…..tick, tock!

Definition of abuse

Take a man and crush his legs in iron stocks until he is giddy with pain. Drug him so that he can be confused and unsure of his words and thoughts. Force him to stand before an accuser and tell him that incorrect answers will cause him to be punished. Supply an accuser who is […]

On my lonesome

I have not been placing as many posts in here lately as I have in the past. Things have become very complex and it has been difficult to find clarity in my purpose and in the vision of events.

Some of this may have been in previous entries but it seems important to tell the […]