The attorney has been busy. He has organised a psychiatrist for me to see. I did not want to see one of the local psychiatrists as there seems to be a mate’s network of professionals I have been on the wrong side of for a long while. Perhaps they are all the same lodge or perhaps they all meet at some public toilet and enjoy a joint reach-around. Who knows! The attorney made an appointment for me to see a guy in North Sydney. Apparently there are not many on the coast anyway and I am just guessing but the one that gave me trouble back a few years will be the one I would see. The trick now is to get the community services to transport me all that way. Apart from that it is a distance that will tire me pretty mercilessly even if I were to be driven all the way. That will make the appointment with the psychiatrist very tough!

I sent the attorney paperwork for the case against the restraining order. I am delighted that I will not have to face that on my own. I simply could not have gone face to face with another person in that (what is the word for that system, begins with A?) anyway I could not have coped.

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