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Court Transcripts

The court transcript is a document or audio file that reflects what transpires in a court. One version is the written transcript that is made by court officials. It is made at the request of a lawyer of private person. The audio transcript is supposed to be an accurate rendition of what is said in […]


Greg Brown just hours before the assault

We have just scanned our way through maybe 200 pages of the Ray White encyclopaedia of the misdeeds of Stephen Solomons or their evidence for the Tribunal. A huge amount of it is just filler. Pages they have thrown in to try and add confusion and […]

CTTT Hearing at Gosford

The orders which came out of this hearing seem to have been little more than another adjournment to get evidence shared between the parties. I believe this hearing was disrupted because the agents ambushed us but I will have to verify that when I find the paperwork.

I am asking for an extension […]

Human Rights Commission emails

At the time it became obvious that disabled and ill people were at a severe disadvantage in a court or hearing situation where no allowance had been made for their difficulties. In shock and reeling from anxiety and clinical depression I sent the following email. The reply (which I have yet to find and add […]

On the 28th March 2012 we faced both a court hearing and at least one tribunal hearing. There was not one of our little group at the time who did not think that the “coincidence” of the dates all being the same was not the result of friends of the estae agents pulling strings to […]