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The twinges from my heart have become a scary part of every day since I overdid it a few weeks back. I am supposed to be attending a hearing at Gosford District Court on the fifteenth. Just a few days. It frightens me. It is too stressful on several levels to expect that the problems […]

The Transcript

(Wikipedia) A transcript is a written record of spoken language. In court proceedings, a transcript is usually a record of all decisions of the judge, and the spoken arguments by the litigants’ lawyers. A related term used in the US is docket, not a full transcript. The transcript is expected to be an exact and […]

Protected: The Meeting

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Form Letters

There are about forty lawyers named on the list of lawyers given to me by Legal Aid so I would know who I could contact about the case. There is now less than two weeks to go to the next appearance. (22nd of August) If I was being paid like a lawyer I might try […]

Dressing the Retard

7th of August 2013. 7:00 am. The house was cold and I had spent the night being ill and struggling to get warm. The morning was worse. I was ill. My face was grey. I could not think straight and was desperate to get off my feet and forget the day. The medications were fighting […]