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Perpetrator gets Victim’s Comp. Payout

Wendy McLeod after a little Photoshopping. She tried to salvage some reputation at this time by releasing flyers that showed her to be compassionate.

Central Coast business person Wendy Mcleod of Budgewoi was handed hundreds of dollars from the victim’s compensation scheme despite having confessed in open court that she was injured during […]


The twinges from my heart have become a scary part of every day since I overdid it a few weeks back. I am supposed to be attending a hearing at Gosford District Court on the fifteenth. Just a few days. It frightens me. It is too stressful on several levels to expect that the problems […]

Court Transcripts

The court transcript is a document or audio file that reflects what transpires in a court. One version is the written transcript that is made by court officials. It is made at the request of a lawyer of private person. The audio transcript is supposed to be an accurate rendition of what is said in […]

I need a lawyer

Isn’t that ironic! Sarah Brazel and Phil Butterfield are a far better team than I have a right to expect and yet I have let them go.

The problem is that any lawyer I get will be forced to toe the company line. You know. We all want to play golf with the judge or […]


overweight crippled retard pretending to be a human deserving of rights under a court

I view the ongoing case with great concern for the simple reason that it continues without taking stock of the things which it should take stock of. It tramples my rights and forces me to face accusations without ever […]