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Complaint before the Judicial Commission of New South Wales

On the 23rd of May 2013. At a time where I had been severely weakened by constant harassment by estate agents, months in refuges and several moves of my furniture I scrawled a bare note in quaking hands to the Judicial Commission trying to get someone to see my plight. I know they can see […]

New Date

Gosford District Court has given a new date and adjourned the case to Feb 13th 2014

Letters to the Court

excerpts from the letters to the court regarding my request for adjournment.

To the Presiding Magistrate This letter is to confirm Stephen Solomon’s now of the above address, receives ongoing Case Management and support from xxxxx Australia (April 2005 to current).

xxxx is a not for profit community based organisation, enhancing the quality of life […]

New Date?

I rang the court at Gosford today. There is a painful twinge in my chest as I write this but I cannot just lay here, there isn’t even a bed!

The girl at the court told me I had to contact my doctor and get an updated letter to send to the court via email […]

University House

The idea was to hang around the dumpster at the diner and see if I could not catch one of the poorer law students going through it looking for something to eat for breakfast. I could then bribe them with food and get at the books I needed to make my case. All I found […]