overweight crippled retard pretending to be a human deserving of rights under a court

overweight crippled retard pretending to be a human deserving of rights under a court

I view the ongoing case with great concern for the simple reason that it continues without taking stock of the things which it should take stock of. It tramples my rights and forces me to face accusations without ever being able to defend myself.

We have the fact that for many months while I was in the hands of various lawyers they all refused to subpoena the evidence which would have proved my claims. They did not tell me they refused. As a matter of fact most of them shook me by the hand and informed me everything was happening as I had instructed. Right there the efforts of the court to push me on without consideration add to the corruption of the legal rights of the accused. Me!

Just three days before the final date of the hearing and he only told me he would not carry out the case as agreed but would just drop me in the shit as he felt was appropriate. I arrived in a court with no evidence and no lawyer despite having spent an entire year doing everything in my power to make sure I would have them. I was instructed that if I did not fire a lawyer I disagreed with I would be forever stuck with the outcomes of the hearing he was present in. I was instructed that way by a document on the Law Access site although that document seems to have been removed now. It was a book by a lawyer that explained a lot of things the accused needed to know to get themselves defended. The Local Court pushed me into sitting through a case because the Magistrate didn’t give a shit that the accused was represented or that he had been given time to prepare his case. That magistrate decided the time it took to work through a case was much more important than the behaviour of the court or it’s officers. The accused did not get to defend himself if His Honour Magistrate Day had to piss and felt his bladder could not be emptied until I was removed from his sight or some other ridiculous limit. The hearing should have been stopped. It continued illegally. It was many of the things experienced during this case and nobody gives a shit because in their class-warrior and wealthy solicitor-person mentality poor and crippled victims of courts are beneath contempt and need to shut up and allow themselves to be shuffled through the court without whimpering.

The District Court case plods ahead as though all of the necessary was done. It appears that we arrive in this court and all of the corruption becomes invisible and congeals into a few blocks of slime that become the signature that passes us into a a serial ritual where we are not considered. The only thing that happens is a group of incorrect or abusive assumptions are made based on the fact that we are in a certain place. The corruption of part one, the Local Court, is whittled away and made invisible in part two, the District Court, which thus becomes the purveyor and amplifier of the effects of the corruption as well as the denier.

To add to the depths of the perversion of the passage through the system it is now written into legislation and thus the Act (I guess) that the court will not contemplate anything but the transcripts of the court hearing that went before. All of a sudden after conditions where the law has been totally ignored and the keepers of the “light” did whatever they felt like we come to a point where the law changes until it most disfavours the honourable outcome of the honest and the mistakes and perversions from before are written in stone. The appellant now becomes the victim of a court that has, in a decade, become the denier of it’s obligations to everyone who passes through the portals and not just those who start the trip as victims. Suddenly after all the damage done by officers of the court and lawyers who deal footloose and fancy free in their obligations to the appellant we have that damage compounded by being written into unchangeable documents with no recognition of the faulty and corrupt chain of events that created them.

In a world where the court does the job we pay it to do there would at least be a reckoning and an assessment of the mistakes made by the officers and lawyers in the local court but they join the changes in evidence by the Police, the lies by the estate agents and the attempts by the earlier solicitors to make the case into a web of lies I could not escape from. This court seems to be intent on adding its weight to the wrongness rather than adding it’s light to the world.

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