The Legal Aid Lawyer had sent me an email telling me to choose lawyers to replace Brian Quinn as soon as possible and to send the choice to Legal Aid Grants division so they could follow it up.

That morning I had breakfast on the list of Central Coast lawyers used by Legal Aid. The lawyers which had jam on them were added to a list and then sent to them. There were three because I had no way of knowing which would be available. The return email today is at the bottom and my reply directly below. Actually at the risk of annoying the young ‘uns I am more comfortable putting the old one at the top and reading down to the latest so that will be it.

Re: your request that I allocate a new law firm.

There is no way to know which firm on the list of Central Coast Lawyers is safe to use or if there is a conspiracy and who is a part of it. Consequently the choice is made by Jam. Jam is defined by the act of eating breakfast on the the list and taking note of which law firms names are partially obscured by spots of Jam or Coffee Stains. That may seem flippant but considering the total lack of information this decision is being made from it is as good as any other means.

This morning we find

Peter xxxxx

Brennan xxxxx


to be adequately obscured by Jam

Any or all of these may be suitable or they may not. On that basis I give you this list of chosen local law practitioners you may hand my case to. Please inform me if these are unsuitable in any material way. It is unlikely, considering the culture of private law firms on the Central Coast, that there is a suitable law firm but that is just my note.

Many thanks for assisting and for your excellent efforts

Their reply went ( and I appreciate their concern, they are great!)….

Your appeal to the District Court against your conviction is a serious matter and you must be confident in the legal practitioner’s ability to appear for you and carry out your reasonable instructions (subject to the Bar Rules and Solicitor Rules that a legal practitioner is not to act as “the mere mouthpiece” of their client).

To ensure that you are satisfied with the legal practitioner that will represent you in your District Court appeal you will need to speak with the practitioners you have indicated below.

You will need to attend the District Court on 8 August 2013 even if you have not finalised your choice of legal representative by that date.

I wonder why everyone thinks I am not taking this case seriously. I guess I cover it below in my return email

Re: your email dated 5 August 2013. In your letter of that date you conclude that “Your appeal to the District Court against your conviction is a serious matter “ and I must that admit that while I have always considered this case to have serious implications I am convinced that, based on the behaviour of the court, the police and the law professional so far, I am one of the few who few outside of your own staff who do.

Evidence has been lost. Police have lied. Magistrates have changed evidence and ignored evidence to suit the outcomes they wished to see. Lawyers have betrayed me, lied to me, given my data to the prosecution when it should have been secret and “forgotten to have subpoenas served even when they had them in their hands. The witnesses against me have admitted to a multitude of crimes and have yet to be charged for one. Those crimes include making false false statements to Police in order to incriminate someone and assault and there will be more yet. The seriousness of this case is a factor for me because of the harm the law and the prosecution will do to me. The lengths the Police and the prosecution are prepared to bend the law to keep me from winning the case is also serious! Their attitude to the law however cannot be considered as anything but dismissive and contemptuous.

As to the choosing of a legal professional. That cannot be a task that any person in my position could treat with anything but contempt, dismay or confusion. The ways of the law are guarded by secret and childish dead languages. The professionals themselves live in a world of elitism and self regard and there is no booklet or person I would have access to that would allow me to penetrate that fog in order to make a fair or educated decision regarding which of these persons I might hire safely. Yes I see that as serious. That is horrific! The broadcasting of jam over a list at breakfast is a good as any other way I have to chose one of these creatures. The chances of finding a sympathetic and competent shyster are as good using that method as any other I fear. You are aware that I am a seriously ill and handicapped person who is only well enough to do your job a few hours a week and those time I often have to do the chores I need to do to keep me alive, like making food and stuff to eat. I would love to sit in an office with all those resources and people to talk to, and no pain or illness that steals the energy. My house is never above twelve degrees and the heart medication thins my blood and makes every moment painful. Do you hear me yet? How much of your resources of life and finances do you think I have to put towards this?

Perhaps you would like to assist me in my venture by informing me of the questions that would lift the curtains from my eyes and bring light to my attempts to pass through the madness you have all brought upon my life?

Now. I have been ill all afternoon and totally unable to function. What now. Would your heart sink as mine does?

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