I need a lawyer

Isn’t that ironic! Sarah Brazel and Phil Butterfield are a far better team than I have a right to expect and yet I have let them go.

The problem is that any lawyer I get will be forced to toe the company line. You know. We all want to play golf with the judge or be invited to the barbecue. Perhaps we want to be the judge. Some of us want to be known as the guy or gal who does the right thing by their lodge members. Lawyers have to live with the rest of the lawyers and the police and the judge long after I have gone so there are cases and approaches to defences which will never be approached. It doesn’t matter how legitimate they appear as part of some legislative act or treaty the lawyers will not want to go there.

What do I do now?

If it was just about me and winning I would have stayed with Sarah and Phil. They were a very good team. It has not been about me for a while. It is about the system though. It is about the fragile people who are about to be blasted through the same processes that have repeatedly failed me for the last year and a half.

Dunno what to do but I am looking into it. Time will probably run out long before I can get my decaying cadaver to any place useful though. I probably need a law school library and first year student to pump for information. Not a problem for a healthy person with wheels of their own.

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