In the dark

It is 5:am on Wednesday morning. I have been to the mall twice this week and that has left me in too much pain too sleep just yet. Later, when I have had a few hours rest I will have to prepare the paperwork and clothes for court on Thursday. There is the dilemma.

No matter how hard I have tried over the last few months I am once again in a position where the things I need to have done and the documents and other things I need to do for this court day are a mystery. There is no one I can ask and no one I can trust even I if could get one of them to answer. The last lawyer, Bryan Quinn, insisted I could not get new evidence included as a part of the hearing. The court staff insisted that the judge would allow new evidence under special circumstances. The staff at Wyong Local Court told me the same thing as did one of the Legal Aid lawyers. A call to Law Access could not even get me information on how to fill in the form for the appeal so I had given up ever getting sense from them. One lawyer told me to get the subpoenas my self and when I tried I was condemned by the staff at the court as a fool who should know better. Really? Really!

Looking at the paperwork I am struck by a doubt that it is even new evidence. It is evidence that was a part of the body of information which I was told was available to me at the hearing right up until the hearing when it didn’t turn up. As the hearing was a very incomplete process anyway and that evidence was written down and signed as though it was a part of it, well, was it? Who would tell me how to present that legal point? No one! There is no one. Look at the very serious question I asked about the package of paperwork that was sent to Brian Quinn for the briefing. I sent a letter to Legal Aid asking if they felt the package was complete or if there were things that were not included. I need to know if there are reasons they are not supplying information and documents I will have to rely on in court but they have not even acknowledged that they have the email asking about that. What do I do? This is a repetitious pattern across the whole year and half of the case. I asked Brian Quinn and he just passed the question over as though I would be too stupid to take it in or as though it was a big secret. That was why I queried him. How could I possibly trust someone who not only threw out so many contradictory signals but actually told me to literally keep my mouth shut until I was spoken to. Not a chance buddy.

On top of that the only information I was given about the hearing tomorrow and what we were doing was that I was turning up and he might and the judge sometimes liked to start before the time on the information sheets. No, again, no. That is not good enough. None of that!

Can anyone see that list of questions I asked for? You know? The list that tells me who to ask and what to ask them to get an idea of who will be my next attempt to use the services of a private lawyer. Maybe they sent it to one of you by mistake because I didn’t get it!

Legal Aid email for today.

Can you please verify that a full package of available data including court transcripts and witness statements from the Wyong Local Court was sent to Brian Quinn in time for the briefing on the 24th of last month at Gosford.
Can I expect that some of those documents may not be available for briefing should a new law firm be chosen? Can you advise me which ones would not be available as a normal part of proceedings and cross-briefings when the role of defence is taken by private firms under your grants system?
Are there any documents you suspect I may have, that may not be included in the package, and which I can supply?
I cannot understand why this information has not already been made available to me.
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