Knee Dropping

Sealing with Law Enforcement and first responders safely may involve some prparatione

Dealing with Law Enforcement and first responders safely may involve some preparation

This week the news showed footage of an incident at King’s Cross in Sydney. Several teenage boys in a stolen car made a panicked attempt to escape a police cordon. Two of them were shot and the rest of them dragged from the car and arrested. There was an incident shown during that footage. Two police officers smashed a youth down onto the pavement and held his arms. A third police officer drove a knee into the young man’s spine with the whole force of his body while he was helpless. The news media only showed it once. At first they set up the scene as though they wanted to take up the fact that a young man had been brutally assaulted by a police officer after he was held and helpless but the clip disappeared and you know that channel probably runs all those police shows and things like border patrol where our (butter will not melt in their mouths they are so nice) police force show the people what great people they are and how we should expect them to have no mercy even though they are polite! There is probably no media reporter who does not want to avoid being pulled over every time he sets foot in the outside world and who would not like to cultivate a few brownie points by letting that hot potato drop.

There have been a few clips lately where some police put in a bit extra biffo when they catch someone. Their buildings are riddled with cameras now so if they are going for punishment of their captives they have no more than that few moments when they lay hands on them. It is all deniable and nobody really wants to take it up with them if it can be avoided. It is very obvious if an apprehended victim is down and helpless and yet another officer has to join the huddle in a great flurry of motion!

The knee drop has become the new phone book. In the old days police would handcuff a prisoner to a chair and smack them about the head and body with a phone book. Unlike punches and kicks the phone book cushions the bruising impact and although the victim takes the same force as a punch there is no bruising should they complain about their treatment later. The phone book method of bashing crooks in custody has become impractical in the twenty first century because police cannot escape cameras all over the station any more.

I have seen the knee drop used in a number of clips where police have been apprehending someone including apprehensions where the victim has been totally compliant. It used to be mainly American and foreign cops that had such malice towards their prisoners but it has spread to Australia. The incidents where police lay into their victim using a Tazer again and again for instance. They know they will probably get away with it. That Brazillian student in Parramatta may well be a case in point. These tools are causing deaths and the knee drop will cause spinal damage and maybe paralysis and the police who use these methods of exacting their revenge on evil-doers are worse than the criminals as they have the tools and numbers and their victims are frequently helpless and restrained when attacked.

While you sit there on your hands thinking if you do nothing you will be safe you may be asking for a dose as well. Imagine while walking down the street absolutely certain that you are a nice person and it is you the police are there to protect a member of the force runs up to you and screams. And screams. You are so shocked you just stand there, or your child stands there, or your parent stands there. The policeman is screaming “Get on the ground, get on the ground!” You have not done anything but walk. You were wool gathering in your head so you have not yet had time to take in what he or she is saying. You are shot with a Tazer. You are resisting a police order! Oh yes you are. You are shot with another Tazer because that police officer is annoyed and his buddy didn’t want to miss a chance to shoot you as well. He likes it so much he shoots you again. You want to scream that it is all some kind of nightmarish mistake but the air is already full of screaming. Your heart might fail at that point and the police will simply say oops to the media and suggest they were entitled to Tazer you as you refused to get down when ordered. You were resisting arrest!

You probably will not die, your heart might merely be damaged or your brain might be damaged. You may spend the next few months wondering why you are unable to work, or sleep or why your life turned to shit. Severe shocks to the system can load you up that way or the whole thing can leave you with enough of a post traumatic stress disorder to change your life.

So you are laying on the ground helpless and asking what you did to be treated this way. All the crims do that too!. The police are still angry and all worked up by whatever got their dander up in the first place. They drag your arms up behind your back as far as they can. Why weren’t you wearing a sign that your shoulder had been injured and would not take that sort of damage? Because you are stupid and thought that being innocent and a good person meant you never had to be one of the unfortunates on television. You feel the tendon tear and you scream. They like that so they do it again and you scream more. They don’t know you have an old wound but if they had not been so keen to see how far your arms would go they would not have destroyed this one.

A third arrives. That officer missed out on the Tazering and on pulling your arms until something gave so they make themselves useful and appear to aid their buddies to hold you down by dropping their full weight and driving a knee on your spine. This officer has made an art of the knee spear. He practices on pillows while his wife watches and applauds his diligence. This time he does a particularly good job and your spine is broken. You scream and scream but they drag you to your feet. When your legs fail they smash you back onto the pavement to wait for the paddy wagon because they cannot tell when you are just letting yourself go limp to annoy them or actually unable to stand. Mr knee-drop hits you again just to make sure you aren’t giving any cheek and because he needs the practice.Or maybe it does not break. At the age of fifty you need spinal surgery because the spot damaged by that cop has continued to decline. That cop has cost his community tens of thousands of dollars and maybe half a life time of productivity from you

In the hospital you try and get somebody to arrest the cops but you cannot. The question is “why didn’t you do as you were told?” No answer is suitable. The police deal with dangerous criminals and as far as the rest of the world is concerned they were just doing what they had to. The extra biffo that made all this into a crushing experience is acceptable because the public think it is alright to torment evil-doers. People like you see this on television and do not write a letter of protest to the media or their member because they are safe at home and don’t actually give a shit about some unfortunate on television. Even if is alright to torture and break people who have done crime the police are not the judges of who is and isn’t guilty or how they will be treated. They risk our lives and health. Imagine trying to get a decent medical package from some social security organisation when you are famed with having been injured by police during an arrest.

Quite a number of people whom the police arrest are innocent. Many have hidden illnesses or conditions. EVERY time a police officer takes a moment to deal out a little extra punishment they should be made to pay just as I would be made to pay if I walked up to you and shot you with a Tazer or dropped onto your spine with my knee. There is never, not ever, a reason for a policeman or anyone apprehending another person to attack that person’s spine with a projected knee. NOT EVER. Those police who practice self discipline and pride themselves on their restraint must be horrified when their work is judged by people who have no way to separate it from that of the police who do not practice those attributes.

So, you say, all this is due to a bit of video showing an arrest in Sydney. Well, no. This is what those fireman did to me and will try to deny or justify when we finally all go to court. My spine is injured. It is just a matter of finding out how much. As for that do not trust x-rays or scans as I have had to go back time and time again to find things I knew were there but the machines could not find. See how it goes eh, Meanwhile that cop dropping on that kid who was no more than seventeen years old and maybe as young as fourteen got me steamed!

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