Letters to the Court

excerpts from the letters to the court regarding my request for adjournment.

To the Presiding Magistrate
This letter is to confirm Stephen Solomon’s now of the above address, receives ongoing
Case Management and support from xxxxx Australia (April 2005 to current).

xxxx is a not for profit community based organisation, enhancing the quality of life for
people in our community. We help older people and people living with disabilities to be
independent in their own home and live life with dignity. We also provide support to carers
and understand the challenges they experience. Our focus is quality services and listening to
the needs of our clients.

Due to Steve’s significant and declining health issues, xxxxx role has been, and is to,
support and assist Steve has been with any, or all of the following:

• Case Management
• Advocacy
• Linkage to appropriate services available in the community
• Garden and Lawn maintenance
• Domestic assistance
• Home modifications/repairs, if required (in collaboration with Real Estates and
• Health Aides
• Transport
Service Provision:
Steve has been receiving regular fortnightly domestic assistance and transport to medical
appointments from xxxx service. Cxxxxxx
Regular feedback is required from Service Brokers to monitor the
effectiveness of services etc.

Steve works well and in collaboration with Community Support Workers, who assist Steve to
maintain independence in his home. Steve regularly expresses appreciation of the support
they provide for him.

I have been in the role as Steve’s Case Manager since November 2009. My observations of
Steve’s presenting characteristics are that of a well educated, quietly spoken man, very
much aware of his physical limitations and significantly/rapidly declining health. Steve’s
mobility is slow and his gait lopsided due to his left leg being considerably shorter, making it
extremely difficult to perpetrate physical acts of violence. It would be more a case of Steve’s
overbalancing and falling down. Steve’s daily life is one of constant and chronic pain. Steve
is unable to walk even short distances and is required to mobilise with an electric wheelchair
to gain access to the community.

My observations over this period from November 2009, is of a man who wishes to live a
“quiet life and just wants to get on with it, the best way he can, while he can “
Steve is aware of stigma which can be experienced from people of our communities.
Over the period I have supported Steve, I have not had any concerns regarding aggression
from Steve, whether that be physical or emotional and certainly aggression has NOT been a
“highlighted or an ongoing problem” My observations hove indicated Steve is not to be
considered a threat to and generally present with an unlikeliness to violence.

Steve’s current situation has significantly unsettled Steve emotionally / physically and I hold
grave concerns for Steve’s health and well being.

Then there was the one from the doctor

He said he had examined me recently and I was ill. I cannot copy the text from the pdf. Neither of us thought I would be ill as I have been for the last few days.

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