law kitIts a learning process that will probably not enter the phase where you have any idea of what is going on until long after you have left the court for the last time. The library beckoned. Perhaps there was something there that would help me to to move things along on the defence that had become the path for the next hearing.

There wasn’t. There is a basic law kit to help people to get through the paperwork and find who they need to assist them. It is quite a good little kit. Not so little really. In the case of a criminal trial of any kind the new book by Tim Anderson is really excellent as you set out on your journey. It answers all those questions I howled down the phone to Law Access back when the case began. They would have benefited from the book back then because they did not have an answer for anything I asked. I believe they may not have been used to getting phone calls from people asking for information so they tended to panic when the phone rang.

The book by Tim Anderson is recent as are a lot of improvements across the kit.

I spent about ten minutes in the Law Handbook before I gave up in danger of falling asleep. There will have to be better access to the information I need.bateau bay library

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