Medical Files

I have been disabled since the accident in 1980. Had heart, kidney, lung and mental damage for a lot of that time not to mention very badly injured upper spine and some sort of brain damage and emotional problems. After being through nightmarish interactions with institutions where people like doctors would literally stare at my warped and mashed limbs and suggest that they could not see any reason I would be in discomfort or limited I spent a lot of the last twelve years trying to get it all on paper and there is a lot of paper.

When we supplied the evidence it had taken all that time to get to the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal nobody bothered to read it and nobody would give me time to present it so all those terrible illnesses and injuries and handicaps were ignored and never taken into account. It was exactly the same as all those years ago when I had no paperwork and I was too mentally injured and brain-damaged to protect myself. Exactly the same, despite all the right paperwork. That is an immense failure of the system to compensate for a very vulnerable human being’s condition. Like every other handicapped person who faces that treatment I was severely disadvantaged both during the case and after when the orders were made. My ability to present the case was obtained at a horrific cost to my body and mind unlike my opponents. Several healthy bodies people all working together

Now I face a court. My solicitor was handed a smaller pile of papers with a very simple digested version of less than a page. He threw it aside and asked me to explain what was wrong. I told him one of the things that was wrong was that I got confused easily during conversations. He still didn’t look at the paper. See, I have all that paper from very expensive doctors and case workers because I am not the person to ask about highly confusing medical conditions even if I didn’t get confused when I speak at times. Tonight I will email him this entry. We will see if that helps.

At the moment I am told I need more paper more documents. but as this riverside is the only place I can get a signal and I do not have a car or money on my phone and I am disabled there probably isn’t a chance to go hunting documents we suddenly need in a week. I think I am really annoyed at the people supplying my legal support as they have screwed me and nor given me support in a timely manner considering my condition and limitations.

The allowed my case to be compromised by not giving me information I actually physically asked one of their members for and now I bet they expect me to suck it up and take it on the chin. As I have watched other people’s outcomes and evaluated the route I have been forced to take I realized a few things. The system has no mechanism for working with the handicapped at this level nor other vulnerable people so they are dragged through terrible situations with no chance of a level playing field.

My lawyer does not have a clue as to the actual path I was forced to take to use this method of getting legal support. He is unable to understand the extent of handicap nor the types I am struggling with and finally he is not at all sympathetic. Or so I feel

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