More Lawyers?

The air mattress has been replaced with another fragile Jackaroo single air mattress. It is all that is available in the immediate area. The old one has not further run down so it may be that the material has stretched and merely looks as though it was deflating.

I am in some trouble with moving to get new lawyers. I simply do not know what to do or who to contact. I am very ill and struggling to get more than a couple of hours a day out of this body before it is exhausted and wants to sleep. There are only two days left before the weekend and then I run out of time. I have prepared a letter for Legal Aid and it contains a host of issues I need answers to BEFORE I face a judge. There is no chance of getting that advice and I am struggling to even the email asking for a conference with a legal practitioner. The courts simply do not allow for people who are ill.

The Court Journals are growing slowly. Despite my best efforts they will be complex and I am trying to work out the best configuration to make them simpler to use. Being weak and ill doesn’t help that either. They look good though and if I can hang in will be effective and interesting. One of the things I am finding is how ill I have been and now that I am looking back to past entries I can see where the chronic fatigue and lack of energy have forced me to take short cuts in the language I use. This means some of the posts are indecipherable. The shortcuts I thought were alright to make really needed someone who was well to work out the subtlety of language and that wasn’t me. Hopefully I can take a little care in moving them over to the new journals and sorting the language out. I need to see my doctor. I am ill. I feel awful and I am cold!

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