ink brush, The Gentle Man doodleOh man! This morning really sucks. Some time in the morning my heart decided it was time to join the list of things making life tougher and I awoke to really unpleasant levels of chest pain. Parts of my back are hurting and feel like my spine was redirected several millimetres off to one side with great violence (oh, thats right, it was!) and the shoulder that was torn out during the motorbike accident way back in the 1980s feels like something sharp is stuck in it. This is all NEW stuff on top of the old stuff I have been struggling with. New since the altercation at Ray White Real Estate anyway. My neck was already damaged. Now its worse and a lot more tender.

There are still days when I can get up and my time is not totally immersed in me and my pain. I hate being this self-engaged and self-immersed but there is no way to just steam on as though the pain is not there. This morning it is literally everything. I only managed a kind of shredded tomato sandwich for breakfast and I only ate that because the diabetes meds mean I have to eat.

A headache. Goody. That will be from the neck damage.

My drawings I had in to be framed should be finished by now. I want to hop on my scooter and ride to get them before the shop closes I really need a rest. .?

At some point there is a chance the people I am up against in these legal matters may decide to come after the evidence so I have backed up the drives and uploaded the data onto a server Every time I assume somebody would not stoop so low as to do this or that I seem to be proven incorrect so I am just covering the bases now as a matter of SOP.

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