On to Newcastle

After weeks of preparation I managed to get onto a train and off to the city to talk to some lawyers. I should be processing the images and writing up the log in here but for now I am still paying the price that someone as ill and broken as myself pays for that kind of travel. I am in agony again (AGAIN, how can my body keep surviving this?) Bile occasionally tries to eject itself from my throat and a kind of helpless nausea overlays my consciousness. Headaches. The liniment is all gone. It went onto my legs and knees in a kind of helplessly desperate need to get the pain levels down to something I could cope with. There is a tooth-ache or something that has turned into a headache and thence a thick ear-ache. The crushed disks in my neck and back are roiling in pain and there is no way to carry or hang my head that isn’t painful. The orbits and eye sockets feel like after I have had a bad beating. That will be the damaged spinal components again.

I wish someone would come and hold my head and say soft words. I failed badly today to get the support and information I needed and right now I am in a world that has no mercy for me. I will get back to the story of what happened when I can cope again. Perhaps I have the medication to force myself to sleep. Anything!

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