Packing and complaints about the journals

I was only able to get through a few chores today. Slowly the effort from keeping up with Tribunal cases and now packing to move have worn the strength away. It took a few hours to get up and have a shower. The need to mop out the lake of water left behind in the bathroom due to the lack of shower curtain rails adds a lot of hassle. I managed to get to the supermarket and the pharmacist and even the library. About 1pm I ran out of steam and had to sleep for a few hours before picking up the prescriptions. On the way I ran into Fay from Halekulani Library. The Mulberry cuttings I put in water a few months ago are now planted out into pots. There are about a dozen altogether. They are due to go to one of the bi-yearly sales for the charity the women run to keep the library in new books. I was worried they would have to be thrown out when I left. Faye suggested her husband pick them and a few other pots I will set up for them just before I leave the apartment.
The Tribunal only gave me until Aug 10 to get out of here. Ray White Budgewoi have demanded I remove anything derogatory on my blog. I am not able to spend time trawling through the months of finished items. My ex’s brother is a web designer. It has been suggested that in order to get assistance I should get a list of which items the agents consider derogatory. The price of removing items will be somewhere like $120 per hour so no one else will have the time to trawl randomly through the site either. According to my advice some of the items I have already removed are not actually derogatory and those items they want removed that are not derogatory can be billed to the agent. I am very confused but I fell off my chair when I considered the bill of just paying some guy to go back through the entire year’s journal entries. Anyone doing the removal has to be concerned about future problems should they miss something or similar problems if they remove something that is not appropriate. Crikey it is just a journal!

So. anyway, some mention has been made to the possibility that items which are in dispute and likely to cause disorder in the future should be ruled on by the appropriate legal eagle. Probably my cousin or nephew who are all lawyers and will want my blood to pay for it. I am told that the cost of that should be placed before the agent as well. I dunno, I do not really have the time or the energy to even get involved in the discussion about all this. I have to find someone I can trust to advise me on the advice

Whoa! I had to add this little thing. Dennis Mentis hires Ray White Budgewoi to manage the tenancy on this property. My blog is not a part of that tenancy and I am not hired by Mr Mentis to incorporate favourable comment in the Journal. Does that sound right? I am, again, confused. I wish I had time to do all this myself! I am told that if Mr Mentis has issues regarding the content of the journal and his presence in it he is required to apply separately to have it changed or removed. I am protected by the public interest nature of entries as well as other protections and limits accorded public news journal editors. Now I am absolutely blown out. As I have said. I want a simple life and I need someone to advise me how to deal with all this generous advice

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