Perpetrator gets Victim’s Comp. Payout

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Wendy McLeod after a little Photoshopping. She tried to salvage some reputation at this time by releasing flyers that showed her to be compassionate.

Central Coast business person Wendy Mcleod of Budgewoi was handed hundreds of dollars from the victim’s compensation scheme despite having confessed in open court that she was injured during an assault where she punchedĀ  a handicapped tenant in the face and kicked him several times in the groin while he was held by members of her staff.

The tenant made his own way to the hospital and then fought a two year battle where his private records were handed to lawyers supporting Ms Mcleod, subpoenas disappeared and reappeared but were never served despite being stamped by the court. Witness statements and Ms Mcleod’s own statement changed each time she found the tenant had caught her out in another untruth. The court agreed that the tenant had a winning case for self defense but would not agree to dismiss the case as being skewed unfairly against the tenant due to all the anomalies. He lost the case on that basis alone and is looking to publish the story and all the documents, film and images online soon. During the court battle the tenant was accompanied by members of the Aged Disability Support Services because he was unable to travel alone. He spent time in a refuge at Wyong after McLeod put him out on the street and was given emergency government housing when it was realized his life was in danger in the refuge and landscape of homelessness

The photograph was taken while Ms McLeod was an agent for Ray White but her office seems to have re badged as Coast Link Real Estate out of Scenic Drive Budgewoi

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