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Definition of abuse

Take a man and crush his legs in iron stocks until he is giddy with pain. Drug him so that he can be confused and unsure of his words and thoughts. Force him to stand before an accuser and tell him that incorrect answers will cause him to be punished. Supply an accuser who is […]

About the site

One man’s battle to make sense of the legal system and community advocacies that feed off it. At different times this man turns to government institutions designed to provide a safety net for the handicapped and vulnerable and is failed repeatedly. He fights long battles to get lawyers to give him simple information and to […]

Wyong Local Court 2

doodle of a magistrate I guess

So we went to court for the plea and to get another adjournment. This time the visit lasted from 9am until 3pm and left me sitting in a swirling ocean of pain.

On arrival, for those of us who are seeking or have legal aid, the process […]