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On my lonesome

I have not been placing as many posts in here lately as I have in the past. Things have become very complex and it has been difficult to find clarity in my purpose and in the vision of events.

Some of this may have been in previous entries but it seems important to tell the […]

Court Day

We were back at court today but I am going to write it up later. Far more eventful is the email inbox.

Email from Legal Aid

Legal Aid NSW is advised that Mr Quinn does not hold any transcripts from the Local Court proceedings.

Mr Quinn advises that as far as he […]

In the dark

It is 5:am on Wednesday morning. I have been to the mall twice this week and that has left me in too much pain too sleep just yet. Later, when I have had a few hours rest I will have to prepare the paperwork and clothes for court on Thursday. There is the dilemma.

No […]

Getting assistance

After all this time we are fighting the nuisance Personal Violence Order (APVO) from Ray White Budgewoi as well the criminal case for assault.

At this point Heath Bonnefin was still confident and happy to take the case.

Dear Mr Solomons,

We advise that yesterday Legal Aid NSW approved your application for an extension of […]

Wyong Local Court 2

doodle of a magistrate I guess

So we went to court for the plea and to get another adjournment. This time the visit lasted from 9am until 3pm and left me sitting in a swirling ocean of pain.

On arrival, for those of us who are seeking or have legal aid, the process […]