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About the site

One man’s battle to make sense of the legal system and community advocacies that feed off it. At different times this man turns to government institutions designed to provide a safety net for the handicapped and vulnerable and is failed repeatedly. He fights long battles to get lawyers to give him simple information and to […]

Wyong Local Court 17 Sept 2012

Note: We went into the hearing as though it was the final one and witnesses were there for the prosecution. What was not there were the CCTV footages I had asked to have subpoenas drawn up for nor were any witnesses for me. The prosecution were now showing their discontent for the time the case […]

Packing and complaints about the journals

I was only able to get through a few chores today. Slowly the effort from keeping up with Tribunal cases and now packing to move have worn the strength away. It took a few hours to get up and have a shower. The need to mop out the lake of water left behind in the […]


Greg Brown just hours before the assault

We have just scanned our way through maybe 200 pages of the Ray White encyclopaedia of the misdeeds of Stephen Solomons or their evidence for the Tribunal. A huge amount of it is just filler. Pages they have thrown in to try and add confusion and […]

More Harassment

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. what’s his name from Ray White Budgewoi is beating up the truth again. The Tribunal has sent me a notice for a hearing where all the staff of Ray Budgewoi are getting AVO.s I am not sure how that works but if that is what they need to do […]