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Perpetrator gets Victim’s Comp. Payout

Wendy McLeod after a little Photoshopping. She tried to salvage some reputation at this time by releasing flyers that showed her to be compassionate.

Central Coast business person Wendy Mcleod of Budgewoi was handed hundreds of dollars from the victim’s compensation scheme despite having confessed in open court that she was injured during […]

Court Notes

The documents I call the Antecedents are called that because that is what is written as a title on the front page. When I brought it up in front of Magistrate Day of Wyong Local Court he made a great fuss about the word. His understanding of the term may be multiple or it […]

Wyong Local Court 17 Sept 2012

Note: We went into the hearing as though it was the final one and witnesses were there for the prosecution. What was not there were the CCTV footages I had asked to have subpoenas drawn up for nor were any witnesses for me. The prosecution were now showing their discontent for the time the case […]

Sabotage and Storms

I will have to check the radio. The storm warning was still about last time I looked and the wind speeds were worse. It has been cold all day. Not the kind of cold that warns of sneet. (snow and sleet) but a big dip from yesterday.

A community support worker took me over to […]

Pretending it is a Regular Property Inspection

Upping the pressure, Wendy Mcleod and Craig Favelle stop dead at the door when faced with arrays of recording devices and witnesses.

The inspection went well. A community service provider turned up at 11am and spent some time helping me about the place. She was still here when the estate agents arrived as planned. […]