The twinges from my heart have become a scary part of every day since I overdid it a few weeks back. I am supposed to be attending a hearing at Gosford District Court on the fifteenth. Just a few days. It frightens me. It is too stressful on several levels to expect that the problems with the heart will not blow out and make it impossible to defend myself or it might even put me in hospital. Now, in the world we are supposed to be living in all of the documents we supplied the court over the case’s history will be easily available for the court officers. When I ring tomorrow the officer will take a quick look at the documents, see that I am very ill and such things are likely to happen, and everything will be friendly and easy. They will put it to the judge who will give me another date and I can try to get some strength back in the meanwhile.


What I expect to happen is that all of those documents we worked so long and hard to have available will be gone. I believe the court officers will be supporting Magistrate Day when he refused to consider any of my evidence as a part of his summing up by losing those files. After all they were important to the case and the Magistrate is not supposed to just ignore things and wish them away. The prosecutor may also have had a hand in it. He may have joined in to ensure evidence was removed just to prove to me he could get away with it. I guess that was the point of a lot of the conspiracy so far.

They might go to Legal Aid for copies as we gave them extensive medical documentation as a part of my application for assistance. Anyone who has been following this diary (you will need a better memory than me) will remember that I demanded to know what files Legal Aid had and they denied having any medical files. That would make it strange that they had agreed to support me but also would indicate preparedness of their officers to join in wider conspiracies and corruption. So, I expect tomorrow will be a drama and I may end up in jail on the 15th as I am not supplying new documents unless I get an agreement that there were “old” documents supplied.

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