Wyong Local Court 2

doodle of a magistrate I guess

doodle of a magistrate I guess

So we went to court for the plea and to get another adjournment. This time the visit lasted from 9am until 3pm and left me sitting in a swirling ocean of pain.

On arrival, for those of us who are seeking or have legal aid, the process is to go to a table set up at the front of a waiting area and sign in. Then someone calls your name when they have processed the people who are before you. Just getting to court is a painful process for me.

My body has all of its organs damaged and multiple bone structures crippled in accidents and it is a huge ask to get up in the morning at a set time. Let me explain that. Disabled and ill bodies get ill and suffer pain according to their own schedule so although I get a lot done, I get it done on a timing that suits my body. Court is on a timing that suits the constant, ongoing, machine-like manner of post-industrial western countries and just churns on at its repetitive time. That means ill people may be fighting pain and intellectual instability to get the day started. Pain was the big one for me yesterday. All the cases mean there have been quite tough loads on the body. The trip to Wyong on Friday to await the pleasure of a legal aid representative, then the long trip and walk on Monday to a legal aid clinic and now a day at court have left my body in the grip of brutal pain.

We sat through the morning and I, for my part, fought my body and struggled not to give in. Into the afternoon we went and at times my head slumped and I was unable to talk. The ability to comprehend my surroundings flowed in and out at times. I could not keep my eyes open nor my head level. At some point around 11am we got in to speak to a solicitor. He knew nothing about me or the case and would not read anything of the health data I had organised being only concerned with the police report and my plea.

The court went to morning tea and I sat in that chair and my head rolled back and forward and my body cried for mercy and my eyes slid shut again and again. Will there be some recognition of the battle I fight to get to court and undergo their process.

Where is the process for the disabled?

By the time this is over I will have sucked up more pain Then it was lunch.

I had her pass the Art Supply Shop to see if the drawings were finished being framed. They were not.

I was still in a world of hurt but the fact is that all that hurt takes days, weeks, and if it gets really bad, even months to recover from and it would have been easier to get the things while I had access to a driver.

Now I have Legal Aid which is a big relief and they may even set a private solicitor to assist me. I pleaded not guilty in the court. The whole process now shifts to the police who will come back with their evidence in a case a few weeks from now. I was asked if I wanted to be there and as I was in so much pain and dreaded facing more too soon I said no but I am wondering if I need to see what the police provide and how they provide it.

So, right now I am calling law access to ask why I would be directed to them. I am speaking to a lovely lass who does not seem too happy to be asked the questions I am asking which include, why was I given their number, why is there not a better process and is there a discount for all this pain as well as a discount for pleading guilty. The first fact I have back is that the lass will not believe there is a discount for pleading guilty. Uh oh, I have destroyed her innocence!

She came back to me and within her resources there is no process which recognises vulnerable people and assists them to pass through the court day. That is what I thought and I actually asked some assistant to our local state member that a few weeks back he denied it. No ramp and no allowance for people who are further damaged by the process itself. That has to change!

Ok, because it will not stop raining and I cannot get anywhere until it does I have decided to use the time in a useful manner. I am not sure if am using correct terminology but I have sent the detail of this entry to the Commission for Human rights and if I am correct I am opening a case with them or at least bringing the matter up regarding Wyong Court discriminating against my human rights by having no processes to allow me to get through their processes without significant negative impacts. Does that sound right? I would have done it in a few days when I felt better and my mind was clear but this post seems adequate to explain my case

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