The spiders in this site were photographed between one backyard at Alexandra Street, Budgewoi, and across Dog Scat Ridge and through the parks and communitty spaces around Deborah Anne Street at Bateau Bay on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. It has grown to be a snapshot of many of the spiders found through the the east coast of New South Wales and into Queensland and Victoria.


The author is limited in his physical ability to move about the landscape so while the site consists of eight years of passionate exploration of the world around me it is far from a complete list of known  species. Those who wish to look further may find assistance in the links at the bottom. 

Spiders are much maligned and misunderstood creatures which bring out undeserved and primal fear in many people. They are a major controller of insect pests and a good indicator of a healthy garden.


The author is one of a growing community which recognises spiders as valuable and beautiful parts of a garden ecosystem and hopes these images will enable you to share that.


The author is a passionate amateur naturalist and recognises the support from experts such as Ron Atkinson (Find a Spider) and those fellow travellers of Project Noah in identifying many of these species

Backyard Spiders. Budgewoi to Bateau Bay.  Site Information

Opisthuncus eating a wasp

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