Backyard Spiders. Budgewoi to Bateau Bay.

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This site was built with assistance from the following sites and people. We recommend them for further information and identification and thank their builders and owners for the excellent resources they have provided.

Dr. Ron Atkinson's. Find A Spider Guide. Robert Whyte and Dr. Greg Anderson's The Chew Brothers' Brisbane Insects.  

Ed Nieuwenhueys. Spiders of Australia. as well as Project Noah.


Quick guide to common spiders

I am still struggling to work out what to call this. It is Isopeda montana species group. This speciemen is about 3 cm across the span of its legs. It is a nocturnal hunter.


 Thanks to Robert Whyte ( for deciphering the information and identifying this guy and to David B Hirst (South Australian Museum)for doing the research and the paper being used to work it all out. (it look a lot like Chinese to me though) I had been identifying all the similar specimen as Isopeda vasta and not realised I was seeing what may have been several other species. I can see this entry and a few others changing as the days go by and my previous assumptions are wiped away. March 2013 Bateau Bay.

Huntsman. Isopeda montana? (I. montana group)