Backyard Spiders. Budgewoi to Bateau Bay.

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This site was built with assistance from the following sites and people. We recommend them for further information and identification and thank their builders and owners for the excellent resources they have provided.

Dr. Ron Atkinson's. Find A Spider Guide. Robert Whyte and Dr. Greg Anderson's The Chew Brothers' Brisbane Insects.  

Ed Nieuwenhueys. Spiders of Australia. as well as Project Noah.


Quick guide to common spiders

Pyramidal theridion.Theridion pyramidale.

 pyramidal thridion
theridion pyramidal

They have a body length of a few mm and are normally found in crumpled webs in foliage. These ones were found along the back fence under some Eucalyptus trees and over a Viola hederacea patch.


The spider below has come up with the same answer to the need for a refuge as several other spiders on this fence (including the Redback) She built a small silken refuge with a bit of leaf or bark to act as a hard roof. The grey mass is her eggs and the other egg-like masses may be ant pupae or the eggs of parasites