Backyard Spiders. Budgewoi to Bateau Bay.

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This site was built with assistance from the following sites and people. We recommend them for further information and identification and thank their builders and owners for the excellent resources they have provided.

Dr. Ron Atkinson's. Find A Spider Guide. Robert Whyte and Dr. Greg Anderson's The Chew Brothers' Brisbane Insects.  

Ed Nieuwenhueys. Spiders of Australia. as well as Project Noah.


Quick guide to common spiders

Pink Flower Spider. Diaea evanida

 Diaea evaneda and her egg mass

 Pink Flower Spider

She was living in a hedge at the front of the place at Budgewoi. I think she has made an egg mass under the silk package on the leaf and that is probably the reason I was able to get the images. She was distressed and concerned over her eggs and my proximity and moved constantly making her very difficult to photograph and the reason there are only two images


Ron Atkinson says ".On green leaves in garden shrubs and very often in a retreat formed by curling a green leaf into a loop and partly sealing it with silk " That would seem to indicate the silk is a retreat.


While R. Whyte quotes "Flower spiders are diurnal and are common on Australian native flowers such as grevilleas and wattles. They are territorial with only one spider occupying a flower, unless they are male and female come together for mating. The occupant will often sit on a flower until the petals wilt before moving onto another flower. At night flower spiders hide under the petals or leaves. ("